The Beil-Ax was made for you


 I designed the Beil-Ax to give the thrower, (for the first time ever); a better than a 62% chance of sticking on the first throw.

I have found over the years, that some people just can't see why their straight blade knife won't stick. So all they can do is guess at how to fix
it. Are you one of those who never seem to improve?

The Beil-Ax will help you learn to throw any knife or axe faster then ever before, because even a beginner will be sticking almost every throw in minutes.  Anyone who can hit a board with a ball from, 11 or 12 feet can stick the Beil-Ax.
At 12, 18 and 21 feet it is almost impossible not to stick the Beil-Ax. As a matter of fact, if you have the arm for it, and you can hit the target from 50 feet; the odds of sticking the Beil-Ax are better than 62 %  

Compare that to any other knife or throwing ax; where you only have a 30%
chance of a stick.
The Beil-Ax will not only stick, "straight in at 90 degrees, or (straight up or straight down at 180 degrees), but will also stick 20 degrees past that, for a remarkable 220 degree sticking radius!!!
The Beil-Ax was first designed as a training aid for my students who, would sometime get discouraged because they were not sticking their knives soon enough. They were having difficulty seeing what correction to make. Because the Beil-Ax throws like a knife, but will sticks when a straight blade knife won't, you will learn faster then ever before, because you can see your mistakes.
When you see that the Beil-Ax sticks, (handle up), you will know that you need to move up a few inches closer to the target, to have it stick straight
When you see that the Beil-Ax stuck, (handle down), you will know that you need to move back a few inches from the target, to have it stick straight in.
The Beil-Ax was made for you. It looks great, and throws better than any knife or axe ever made.


The Beil-Ax comes with a Cordura sheath, that can be worn on the belt, (up to2 inches) wide. The loops can be located to hold it handle up, or in the down position. You can even wear it sideways.

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NOTE:  Due to raising international mail prices and other international restrictions we will no longer mail out side of the US.  Search the internet and you will find distributors who can send John Bailey designed knives to your country. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your loyalty over the many years.


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