Braided Florida Nylon Stock Whip

USA made by a Man with over 50 years of whip making experience. 

These are the whips of choice for all Florida working cowboys, because of their outstanding toughness in a wet & humid climate.

Each whip is 12-plaits, over a multiple  nylon strand core, and can be lead loaded if you like. They are then thoroughly submerged into pure hot Bee’s-Wax, for lasting protection.   The handle is hand turned from your choice of, Oak, Cherry, Ash, Hickory, Orange-wood or Walnut (extra charge for wood handles). If you want a VERY tough handle even PVC  

DO NOT confuse this whip with a cheap toy from a flea market.  These are “REAL Florida WORKING “Stock Whips”, made to order, by the foot: ( $12.00 per foot) and ( $15.00 per foot for whips 17 feet to 22 feet) PLUS S.H.

You can order these professional whips in, White, Black or [Black & White] ( white whips turn tan after bee’s-wax dipping.

If you MUST have a WHITE whip, we can dip them in a less protective clear candle wax.)

To order please contact me by phone (407) 902-7900 or e-mail: