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The Bo-Kri is the ONLY, Hunter, Fighter and Competition Thrower made today, for under a $100.00. Hand forged from, 1065 steel, it has the strength and flexibility to hold up under the most adverse conditions.

The "Fighter" models, was designed for maximum slashing depth. It has a razor sharp edge, a very aggressive belly, but still retains the point on the centerline, a feature only found on the best of throwing knives. The sharpened "Bowie" clip, gives the Bo-Kri, a powerful back-slash quality, without having to change your grip. The scales are made of leather and are riveted to a solid tang for a positive grip. They are tough and will hold up to the demands of throwing, and other duties. "THE BO-KRI "FIGHTER" IS A HANDLE ONLY, THROWING KNIFE". $85.00 Add to Cart

The "Hunter" version, is the same as the "Fighter" with out sharpening clip. $75.00 Add to Cart

The "Competitor" model, Unlike the "Hunter & Fighter", the "Competitor", is designed to be thrown by either the handle or the blade. The handle follows the centerline straight back, which allows for that smooth release, that you need, at the tournament level. It has the same unique blade profile as the "Hunter & Fighter", but the edges have all been blunted and polished. You can order it with, or without scales. With scale, $75.00 Add to Cart , Without scales, $65.00 Add to Cart

The "Mini BoKri", is a scaled down version of the "Competitor." Its over-all length is 10-1/2" It comes without scales, but has two holes in the tang. The Mini-Bo-Kri is made of the same, super tough 1065 steel, like it's BoKri brother, and can be thrown by either the blade or handle. The cost is, $30.00 Add to Cart or three for $85.00 Add to Cart

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