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This Video will have you up and throwing in no time, like you never thought possible!
Both the Beginner and the Advanced Thrower will find a wealth of useful Tips in this tape.

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Recreational Knife Throwing

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Recreational Knife Throwing II, Advanced Techniques


John L. Bailey has over 40 years of knife throwing experience including, Ranger Jungle Warfare Training with the 199th Light Fighters. He has taught thousands of people from Army Rangers to Christian boy's clubs. As a published author for American Survival Guide, Blade Magazine. American Knife Thrower's Alliance News Letter (1972-73) and other publications, he has helped many new throwers learn the sport faster than they ever thought possible.
John was a long time friend of Harry Mc Evoy and helped in the design of more than one of his famous knives. "I made the Bailey BO-KRI throwing knife as a tribute to our friendship. I think Mac would be proud."
How many times have you seen a guy in a movie make a throw with a knife that just looks unreal? Was it a trick? Did he really do it? Well...I am sorry to say a lot of what you see on the screen is pure, "writer fantasy and fancy." But cheer up! This video will show you more than enough to WOW THE SOCKS OFF YOUR FRIENDS.
Each of my tapes has the tips that will show how to throw everything from bayonets to scissors.
My method is the EASY WAY to learn. Your EYES do the work.  Part II, Advanced Techniques Will give you basic instruction for beginners and information on what is needed for competition, entertainment and stunt work throwing.  You will  see knives and other paraphernalia, which can and HAS been used, in the entertainment field for special effect.  You will also learn unusual and trick throws, that will WOW the socks off your friends.  There are all kinds of targets on this video.  Bull-eyes to watermelons.  NOW is the time to learn to throw.  Your never to old.  If you can throw a baseball, you can learn what it takes to throw and stick a knife. . . ANY knife.  

HARD TO LEARN SPIN CONTROL or any other stuff that takes your mind off having fun!
RATED for the WHOLE family!
35 minutes

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