Rules for safe Knife Throwing
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Rules of Knife Throwing

(1) Never throw at anyone; same as for(guns, crossbows, blowgun, etc.).

(2) Never throw at trees; It will kill them and the curved surface can cause the knives to glance off in all directions.

(3) Never have anyone hold a target;(leave that to the professionals).

(4) Throw at one bullseye per knife; (this will prevent you from nicking the knives, which in turn, cuts your hand at the release).

(5) Make one correction at a time. If you're trying to find your distance by moving forward or back, don't change the release or grip at the same time; until you get the knife to come in point first.

Heavier knives can be thrown farther. Target hits at 30 to 40 feet are not unheard of and can sure "wow" a crowd. But I think backyard pin point throwing is the most rewarding. Start with a margarine tub lid and work your way down to film container lids and so on. When you can hit four out of six soda pull tabs start looking for an agent. Maybe you'll have your own stage show. Who knows?

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