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These are some of the targets I throw at.
The target is made up from 38" Beechnut tree rounds; at least I think that is what the guy at the tree trimmer lot told me. I can attest to their "stick-ability." As a member of the AKTA, Dave A. a.k.a. the "PoorRev" would say, "These are not the palm rounds Bob Karp likes to use, that's for sure". The knives stick well with a resounding thump, just like in the movies. The standing log is for ground level throws with hawks (lay the log on its side)or knives in either position. The 4x4 on the stand is used for breaking people of the bad habit of throwing sidearm or cross body and is very challenging. This target is made up of 2X4's glued and nailed together at length. By using 6 foot 2x4's, this target is very heavy once assembled and is 4 feet wide. The trick is to throw the knives only around the target without hitting the line. However it is a big-old target to throw at from 50 to 80 feet.

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