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Faka throwing knife, designed in Brazil for Professionals.
Throwing Knife


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Designed in São Paulo to please beginners and professionals: A sturdy, thick build provides for a natural grip. Perfect weight and tip geometry to bite into the target wood securely. Balanced near the center, it can be thrown from the blade or the handle, and from distances up to 10m. Flashy design with rust-proof zinc coating.

  • Throwing distance: up to 10m
  • Recommended throwing style: John's style / professional style
  • Weight: 385g
  • Length: 35cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Blade: blunt
  • Designer: Dalmo Mariano, Brazil
  • Manufacturer: Melontools, Europe
  • "Sturdy Beginner & Pro"

Gyro Dart

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This knife flies straight without turning, tip always facing the target! A perfect throwing toy for beginners who prefer instant sticks without a learning curve. Advanced throwers will enjoy the ease of a completely impromptu throwing style. An extra sheath for for belt carrying is available.

  • Throwing distance: 3m to 9m
  • Recommended throwing style: flies straight, it's like throwing a spear
  • Weight: 170g
  • Length: 25.5cm (blade: 10cm)
  • Blade: nearly blunt
  • Manufacturer: Seberland, Spain
  • "It just Sticks"

Fiberglass Axe Handles

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Throwing axes for sports means you break your wooden handles. So do switch to our synthetic axe handles with fiberglass core – those can easily handle impact from missed throws. Smooth release thanks to straight handles sans rubber coating. Cut to your preferred lenght! Perfect fit for Cold Steel throwing axes.

The handles really are great, I have been toying around with them for a few days already. They stood up to all missed throws. Fitting the handles to the head was rather easy.

Wolfgang from Austria

  • Material: Massive polypropylene, with a fiberglass core; see our sledgehammer test video
  • Handle shoulder: elliptical shape, on top 28 x 38 mm, tapering down to 24 x 34 mm
  • Weight: 263g
  • Length: 37.5cm
  • Set content: 3 replacement handles for throwing axes, plus 3 bolts for fixing
  • Brand: Steiwa, Germany
  • "Can Handle It"

DVD Recreational Knife Throwing

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In his video, John Bailey teaches you how to throw knives, and gives you an overview of the art and sport of knife throwing. The language is an easy-to-follow English, and following all the demo throws (some of them in slow motion), you'll be "sticking it" soon.

  • Video contents:
  • John's surefire technique for throwing knives
  • Security hints
  • Presentation of some knives
  • Building and maintenance of targets
  • How to find the right distance for the throw
  • And much more!

  • Language: English
  • Duration: about 70 minutes
  • Type: DVD
    Region code free, NTSC format; Plays on European and US DVD players and computers.
  • Author: John Bailey
  • "Learn to Throw"

No Spin Knives and Mobile Targets

5% Discount         Buy at AceJet

Manufacturer AceJet is specialising in no spin throwing knives and portable end grain targets. Made in Bohemia, very sturdy quality. In cooperation with Adam Čeladín, we can offer a discount code.

  • No Spin throwing knives by instinctive throwing pioneer Adam Čeladín
  • Portable targets with end grain surface
  • 5% Discount code
  • Manufacturer: AceJet, Czech Republic
  • "No Spin with a Discount"

Gyro Pocket

42,00 €         Buy at Inventor

A collapsible pocket throwing knife! Thanks to the Flying Knife principle, it flies with the tip always facing towards the target. For quick fun throws: open it, throw it, hear the "thunk" of it sticking. Works with a natural ball throwing motion, try using it while crouching or in mid-jump.

  • Throwing distance: 3m to 7m
  • Recommended throwing style: relaxed natural ball-throw
  • Weight: 160g
  • Length: 24cm (closed: 14cm)
  • Blade: almost sharp
  • Manufacturer: Seberland, Spain
  • "Folding Fun Thrower"